Beautifully designed, simple, effective and elegant box-bags, enhancing the presentation of fresh-cut flowers and selective plants, providing a practical solution for easy carrying and transportation.


Our designs are for all occasions. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Sympathies, or just for the everyday occasion. The range includes two sizes that have been developed to hold the various different sizes of fresh-cut flowers and selected plants available across the market.  

The carbon footprint and the environment have been at the center of our design and development decisions.  More information about our approach below.

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Flowers are not included and are for illustration purpose only.
Flowers are not included and are for illustration purpose only.

Why is there no packaging to put my bunch of flowers into?

Flowerap is one of those businesses that became a reality through an idea that was born in the moment.

Through weeks of sounding out our idea amongst friends, family, neighbours and colleagues we quickly realised the gap was genuine for the product we had in mind.. And here is where our journey started.

By the end of 2019, we had a product that we were hugely excited about, with our team of trusted designers and suppliers we were all set to get this product to market and then came Covid 19!

But that did not stop us and here we are ready and waiting for our customers to buy and enjoy our product.

There is something quite magical about flowers and it is beautiful peoems such as this one by Wordsword that brings this thought to life.  Enjoy!

William Wordsworth, I wondered lonely as a cloud.

How did we decide on the shape and size of our boxes?

If I can take you back to the question that led us to design this product.

Why is there no packaging to put my fresh cut flowers into?

We don’t want you to confuse our product with the current fresh flower packaging that exists in the market.  We compare our product to a wine bottle gift bag.  Imagine buying a bottle of wine and popping it into a gift bag.  Your lucky receiver knows it’s a bottle but the reveal is when they take it out of the bag.  

It’s the same for our product.  You buy your bunch of flowers and pop them into one of our ergonomically designed boxes.   It greatly enhances the flowers (even bunches that cost just a few pounds).  The recipient gets the true reveal of the flowers when they take it out of the box at their convenience with the added bonus that they could reuse it.

Our packaging greatly enhances the presentation of any bunch of flowers irrespective of price.

So how did we decide on the shape and size. Ultimately this was driven by two objectives.  It had to be sustainable and fit for purpose.

Did you know that the weight of cardboard can sometimes determine what it can go onto be recycled for?  We wanted to ensure our product could be used for maximum recycling post its current form and that meant choosing a certain type and weight of cardboard, which we have done.

In terms of shape, there was no scientific approach but very simply, we invested in buying approximately 80 -100 bunches of flowers from a range of supermarkets, local shops and flower markets.   We then measured each and every bunch for height and span which led us to design two sizes to accommodate all the different sizes.  Our guidance is bunches priced at £8 and under generally fit well in our smaller boxes with bunches at £8 plus fit snuggly into our larger boxes. 


Our product is recyclable.

We went to great lengths to ensure our product could be used more than once. We have designed a snug-fitting tray that collects any water droplets from your flowers without damaging the box, leaving you or your recipients to use the product over and over again.  We want to give you both enjoyment and value for money.

Much more importantly our product is recyclable.  So be assured by using our product you are buying conscientiously. 

Our packaging is made of strong, resilient 100% primary fibres from slow-growing Nordic forests. Engineered to meet the increasingly tough demands that come with a growing environmental awareness – it is climate smart: renewable, recyclable, and responsibly sourced and manufactured.

We manufacture in Great Britain reducing the carbon footprint by avoiding exporting from China or other far fledged countries.

To save the planet we must simply stop wasting”  David Attenborough

Customer Experience

Our simple flatpack design allows the customer to simply open the box, push down the tray to hold any water residue and drop in the bunch of flowers.

That’s it! The box pops out and shapes up by itself, leaving the customer to simply take the silk ribbon handles and enjoy the product.

The design also takes into consideration shop floor space and point of sale. Our packaging can either be stacked or hung giving the retailer multiple options to suit their environment.

Giving the customer value and satisfaction is the ultimate goal”  Arpana Hathi

British Manufacturing

From the start, we were adamant we wanted to keep our manufacturing here in Great Britain. China would have been cheaper but our hearts were firmly placed in British society and we wanted to harness every aspect of our journey using the skills of the British people not to mention the impact of importing goods has on our carbon footprint. We are a member of the ‘Made in Britain’ organisation. We make no apologies for our product being a few pennies more expensive but we are proud to claim all our suppliers are UK based. 

A big thank you to Mark, Rameez and Tanya (you know who you are), your belief in me and my product has been a key driver of my journey.

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