My first ever blog

This is my first ever blog so forgive if it’s a little innocent in the way it is written. My product is not revolutionary nor will it ever make me a million…BUT…I am thrilled to get my website up and ready for my customers to view. It is so exciting. I can’t wait to see my product in use and to begin working on a larger portfolio of designs. I genuinely hope my product will bring as much joy to those who receive their flowers in one of my boxes as it has to me.


Operationally ready

With Covid 19 overwhelming our lives and hugely impacting on business, it has been a challenge to get our product manufactured for reasons we all relate too. We are extatic to announce that our manufacturers will be ready for business in just a few weeks time and we can start to deliver on our orders. Yes!!!!


Counting down the days

We are weeks away from Launch.  So many of you have asked when you can buy our product and we are very sorry for making you wait but we had a rather big issue to overcome.  Making sure our product was environmentally friendly.

You will be very happy to know that our product is now recyclable, an issue we were very keen to get sorted.  So our new boxes are made out of environmentally friendly material are in production as I write this blog.  There is of course no compromise on quality or design so you can still enjoy and reuse.  


OMG..our first sale!

We had our first big sale before our product even landed.  Thank you so much to The Flower Bank in Carlisle who loved our product and put an order in without even seeing samples.  This has really given us a great start to the business!  Thank you to everyone who has been buying from our website. Still got butteflies.


6 months and the story so far

Wow Wow Wow!

What can we say.  We never imagined our product would get so much traction in such a short time.  Don’t get me wrong, we have been actively been seeking dialogue and chasing leads, but the response has been incredible. 

We now supply to 19 retail outlets and 4 wholesalers and that’s aside from our on-line sales.   It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with all our buyers who have supported our business from the word go and we are sure we will both enjoy long and fruitful relationships.  Better go…got lots of box-bags to pack before the morning deliveries.

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