Meet The Person Behind The Product

My heritage

I was born in Kampala, Uganda although my heritage is Indian and I am Gujarati.

If you have never heard of Gujarat take a look at what a colourful and vibrant place it is.

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Meet The Person Behind The Product

How one person can change the lives of millions

You might have heard of Idi Amin. A brutal dictator. 

Find out more about him below.

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Meet The Person Behind The Product

Our new life

1n 1971 Amin started an expulsion programme for all Asians to leave Uganda in three months!  Two months later we arrived in England.

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Meet The Person Behind The Product

Embracing the British way of life

We started our journey in England speaking no English or having any clue about its culture, weather or people. We grew up in North London and quickly got into the British way of life (which we grew to love very quickly!) People were so kind and welcoming. I owe my parents everything. They taught me how to embrace change and never to give up!


Meet The Person Behind The Product

A job I love!

I have enjoyed a 25 year career in the conference and incentive industry working with multiple corporate businesses from whom I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge on the successes of business. Thank you to all my colleagues and clients for the brilliant years we have had together creating the best ever events.

Meet The Person Behind The Product

The world is a fascinating place

I have been lucky enough to have traveled the world through my work and personal passion for travel. My heritage and life experiences have given me a valuable education you could not get at University. My appreciation for life and the world we live in is my biggest asset.

Meet The Person Behind The Product

My passion today

And now my passion is Flowerap. An idea we came up with 4 years ago and are incredibly excited to have bought it to market. My dream is to spot people using it as I go about my daily life. That would make me very happy!

“Life without flowers would be unbearable. Getting flowers is the best feeling in the world. The smell, colours and thought behind them can’t be replicated by any other gift”. Arpana Hathi


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