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Eco-friendly box-bags for fresh-cut flowers.
Bringing something new and different to the world of flowers.


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For the Wholesaler

A new and exciting product to add to your existing range of sundries items.

Plant boxes 100% recyclable

You can scrap the plastic wrap and go from pot to box with our specially designed water droplet trays that sit snuggly inside the box and are also 100% recylable.

Selling DIRECTLY to retailers

Something fresh and different for you to design beautiful creations with.

Sustainability is the at the heart of our business

Our products have been carefully designed to ensure they are future-proof for a green world.  And so it may be that they are simplistic but we can assure they are fit for purpose and absolutely uplift any style of flowers and selected plants.  We hope you join us in helping transform floristry to a plastic-free environment. 

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Recyclable & Reusable

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L/W/H 18/18/53cm

Black & Gold - Tall & Thin

L/W/H 18/18/53cm
L/H/W 18/18/53cm

Best mum ever - Tall & Thin

L/H/W 18/18/53cm
L/W/H 25/25/53cm

Butterflies- Tall & Wide

L/W/H 25/25/53cm
L/W/H 25/25/53cm

Love - Tall & Wide

L/W/H 25/25/53cm
L/W/H 16.75/16.75/35cm

Mauve swirls - Short and Thin

L/W/H 16.75/16.75/35cm


  • Awesome Experience

    I ordered these for Valentine’s Day. They followed up several times with delivery issues and I did not expect to receive them in time. To my surprise they arrived a week ahead of Valentine’s Day! I would highly recommend! Product is great also.

  • Indulgent and affordable

    “I got this from Lily & Ivy in Cheadle Hulme.  I paid £35 for the flowers and box. 

    My sister absolutely loved it”. 

  • Vivienne Griffiths

    I gave a ‘Happy Birthday’ bag full of Welsh daffodils to my 93 year old friend last week. She loved it. They are arranged in a ceramic pot .The bag can easily take the weight as it is very strong and can be reused.

    eek. She loved it. They are arranged in a ceramic pot .The bag can easily take the weight as it

     is very strong and can be reused.

  • Our product is resonating so well with our customers

    Hi,It was really nice to meet you today. I have assembled my flowerap and it looks great. Just thinking about your product and I’m sure this is on your “to do” list but it so obviously needs to be in supermarkets next to their fresh flower displays.

    >Supermarkets have some great flowers but the presentation is lacking. If there was a selection of Flowerwraps with a brief explanation next to the flowers I would definitely buy one….and I am cost conscious.

    I can definitely see your product in Waitrose, Booths etc. 

    Kind regards 


  • No more plastic bags

    “I spotted this on Facebook and thought what a fab idea. 

    I am always buying flowers and end up giving them in the ugly plastic bag to stop the water from dripping in my car”.  

    No more plastic bags
    Personal Trainer
  • Love this box

    “When I first came across this product, I loved it straight away and sent them my feedback.  They invited me to take part in the

    ir focus group for research and development.

    One of the areas was whether the product could be used for plants as well as 

    flowers.  Here is a picture of a prototype with a plant.  It worked better than I thought it would”.

    Shared by a customer
  • Great presents for Christmas

    “Bought the Poinsettia from M&S and popped them in the Christmas box.

    Going to be great presents for, my friends this year.  Thank you Flowerap”.

  • Perfect Covid19 gift

    “Just left this on my mum’s doorstep.  It made her day”. 

  • Make great gifts

    “I finally got round to ordering these because I can’t find them in any shops right now but they are great.  I have been driving around dropping them off to friends and family.  Really great idea”.

  • What excellent service!

    Our website was having problems in processing the free delivery voucher code.  So Allison emailed us to see if we could sort this out for her as she is local and wanted to take advantage of our free delivery.  To save time, we asked her to email the order and we would deliver FOC as per our offer.   We delivered the next morning and received the following response.

    “Thank you so much for dropping them off, what excellent customer service and what an amazing product.
    Have a great day”

    Allison Mallalieu
  • Flowers for our colleague

    We wanted to buy a member of our staff some flowers but had a limited budget and we are always looking for products that are eco-friendly.  We found these through Instagram.  They worked brilliantly.  Our staff members loved them and made them feel that little bit more special.  Worth the money for sure.


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For the Retailer

Turn your bunch of flowers into a beautiful gift uplifting your offer of fresh cut flowers.